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Summerbody Emergency frame

Product description:

Not feeling like hitting the gym 7 days a week to get that ultimate summerbody? Anabolics or better called androgenic steroids might help you get in the shape you want. 

The luxury frame is made from black wood and has a size of 28,5cm wide on 23cm high. It has a very deep 6cm frame to give it that extra depth. Covered with a high quality plexiglass to give the artwork even more amazing looks. Real glass won't even be fun to ship as we would need to add glue to the box to fix the broken glass due to shipping. 

This frame comes in a box, we know you will not keep the box but it just makes sure the product arrives in 1 piece. This piece comes with inside protection. Each piece is sealed. 

Limited to 500 pieces.

Ps: please note this is NOT an actual anabolic product, it's just for art display. 

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