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Emergency Button Euro version

Product description:

We all are familiar with the emergency buttons on public places... what if we made one for  your home or your office, with cash inside?! Your favourite currency/bills inside a real emergency button (Made from real emergency buttons!) It comes with a strong double sided tape on the rear side so you can stick it on where you want, from a concrete wall, to wood, to a painted wall, to glass, ... You name it, you stick it on! Let this emergency button be an inspiration to work even harder and get that money or just let it be a talking object in your house when your friends come over. 

This frame comes in a box with inside protection, we know you will not keep the box but it just makes sure the product arrives in 1 piece. 
Sizing is 9 x 9 x 6cm. 

Limited to 500 pieces.
Ps: You know the money is not real, don't be silly!

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