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The $50K frame series 3.

Product description:

It's basically what the title says, $50.000 in a black wooden frame but a series 3 as the first series sold out. We upgraded the frame to a more fabulous one and added the straps for a more real look.
Don't play yourself as you know this isn't real money. We actually could make it with real money but it would be a pain to ship as our insurance company won't cover the shipping of this. 

They are limited, as in 100 pieces made of this. We could make more but then you wouldn't feel that special when you buy this product. We want to make you feel special when you buy this $50K frame, because you are - really!

A black frame, made from wood that comes from a tree and has sizing of 52 x 42cm. Covered with a high quality plexiglass to give the artwork even more depth. Real glass won't even be fun to ship as we would need to add glue to the box to fix the broken glass due to shipping. 


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