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Imagine being so rich, you're going to the bank and coming home with a pallet full of money?! At least you can imagine it now by looking at this piece. This is what $3.600.000 looks like (that's 3.6 US million dollar). The Pallet is our biggest work to date, it took us a few weeks to create this all black piece, all black components and details. The tempered 8mm glass cover is made from toughened glass (a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass). The Pallet can be used as coffee table or just as a decoration piece in your entrance lobby or living room. It has a sizing of 125cm x 85cm on 45cm and has a weight of approximately 70kg. The tempered glass cover can also be taken off to add some personal pieces. 

- €500 Version: 2-3 weeks production time
- $100 Version: 2-3 weeks production time
- £50 Version: 2-3 weeks production time

* Overseas it comes in a wooden bespoke crate, shipped by air.

PS: No, it's not real money. 


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